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Why should you reach out to the Yahoo customer service helpline?

Welcome to our customer care service and help desk support!

We are a reliable 3rd party customer support team that involves offering the best possible solution to the users of webmail. We have a trustworthy support team that resolves all kinds of technical issues in a very professional manner. With immensely skilled team members, you can get all the assistance you need on call, through live chat as well as remote access. It is guaranteed that all the issues faced by users will be addressed to and resolved as soon as possible.

Now, it is a well known fact that information is exchanged on a daily basis both professionally and personally. This is mostly done via webmail or through social media. Even apps are used for this purpose but the most convenient way of sending large size data is the email. It is therefore very common to face issues with your webmail and it becomes all the more important to seek the help of experts to get a permanent solution.

Whenever you have an issue with your mail, you should get in touch with our Yahoo customer service team. We provide technical help to every user who is facing a problem with his or her email account. Our team shares the latest tricks and techniques with users to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

Contact us if you want instant technical support whenever there is a glitch while using webmail. We have experts on board who provide timely and sure shot solutions for every webmail issue.

The unique process employed by us to resolve mail issues

We are the providers of a totally dependable and highly skilled technical support team that offers great support to users who have issues while using their webmail accounts. It is a well-known fact that when something is used very often, there are always chances of glitches in it. Therefore, contacting the support team is the right step to take.
Get connected to our Yahoo customer service team by phone

You can get world-wide assistance from our experienced and highly skilled technical experts. Communication with them is possible in a lot of different ways like mobile phones, PCs and online gateways.

Get in touch with our Yahoo Mail toll free contact number for

  • Instant technical assistance and support facilities
  • Customer support service to help fix issues such as junk emails or spam emails.
  • Full-fledged technical support to help users change email passwords easily
  • Affordable and trustworthy customer support through a Toll Free Helpline number
  • 24 hours access to Yahoo customer service helpline
  • Account recovery assistance
  • Help regarding signing up for new email account
  • Getting all password related issues resolved.

The technical support we provide is the best as you would not have to face any other issue after employing our solution. Our team of experts comprises of qualified, dynamic and certified specialists. Every team member has a lot of experience in providing solutions for different issues and is capable of providing complete satisfaction to the users.
There can be issues like privacy and security problems, server errors, malicious activities like hacking, account getting blocked, inability to recover password, being unable to attach files and issues with installing the Yahoo mail app on mobile devices. This is not an exhaustive list as there are many more issues that users can come across. You can contact the support team anytime to get all your queries resolved. It is better to get issues fixed as and when they crop up because taking timely action is the best thing to do.

How email ID security can be enhanced?

Regardless of which emailing platform you are using, the top-most priority should be given to the security factor. Though there are several mailing panels that have additional security services to offer, most often users add extra security covers to their mailing platforms. This is done to keep data protected from the prying eyes of conmen. Webmail users can take this action for their safety and for that the access key needs to be enabled in your mail.

Step by step guidance to enable the access key for your mail account

The access key can be enabled by the following steps:
1. As a yahoo mail user, you need to install the mail app on your mobile device (iOS or Android).
2. Next you need open the app and sign in into your account.
3. Tap the key icon which is next to your name and then tap on the set up account key.
4. Select the yes option under the sample account key and tap on the okay button.
5. Tap on the 'got it' button.
6. Next you need to verify whether your Yahoo Mail has phone number registered so that you receive text messages.
7. You can then enable account key and tap on 'great got it'.
8. After doing that, you need to ensure that you set up application passwords for all webmail programs when you use the email with IMAP or POP access.
9. You can now login to your email account with the device and the app.

How to log on to Yahoo mail using account key?

When you want to sign in to your webmail account using account key, you need to follow these steps:
1) First of all, enter your username or your email address.
2) Click on 'continue'
3) Open the yahoo email app on your device
4) Check the sign in data and click 'Yes' if you need details.

How to add recovery options to your Yahoo mail account?

If you want to add a recovery email id or phone number to confirm your account, you need to take the following steps:

  • First, you need to click on your name on the Yahoo Mail navigation bar.
  • Next follow your account info link
  • Go to 'account security'
  • Log in using the access key
  • To add an email id for recovery, click on the 'add recovery email address' option
  • Type the email id that you want as a recovery email address
  • Click on the 'send verification mail' option
  • Open the recovery email account and check for a mail from Yahoo.
  • Follow the verification link present in your email
  • Click on verify to complete the process

There is also an option to add a phone number for recovery

  • For that click on 'add recovery phone number' option
  • Click on phone number and enter it
  • Next click on 'Send SMS'
  • You will get a code via SMS that you have to enter in the field provided
  • Complete the process by clicking on 'verify'
The above seems to be a rather lengthy procedure and at times difficult to understand. It is also time consuming. If you don't have the time to follow these procedures, you can contact us by dialing the yahoo customer service number. We have a team of well qualified and dedicated technical experts who will do away with all the hindrances and provide you with additional security for your email account.

How to reach the Yahoo Customer Care Team?

As third party customer support providers, apart from being capable of resolving technical glitches faced by the users of the webmail, we have a lot to offer with regard to the safety and security of your email account.
Work is done round the clock at our end and we can be contacted at any hour of the day. You would need to fill a form in the contact us page and our team member will get in touch with you to resolve your technical issues.
No matter what your issue with your email account is, you can always contact the help desk. The team will then work towards fixing your problem. You can always try fixing the issue on your own but when it gets out of your control or when you are pressed for time, you should contact the customer support team.

How can Yahoo be contacted?

There are many ways to do so! You can find the steps below,
1) You can reach out to Yahoo on Facebook at @YahooCare and on Twitter at @YahooCustomerCare
2) To contact Yahoo via email, you need to do the following

  • Open the Yahoo Help screen in your browser
  • Click on the mail tab at the top of the page for accessing the Mail support.
  • Choose the mail product with which you are having a tough time from the drop down menu that appears on the screen. The options will be - Mail app for Android, Mail app for iOS, Mail for Desktop, Mobile Mail, or New Mail for Desktop.
  • Under the 'browse by topic' section, you can select the topic that matches with the nature of the problem you are facing and for which you need to contact Support.
  • In case you can't find an answer there, you need to select the 'Mail for Desktop' option from the drop down menu.
  • Click the 'Mail Quick Fix Tool' on the right hand side of the support screen and allow your account to get scanned.
  • A new screen will open where you need to click 'Go to the Yahoo Mail Quick Fix tool. In the field provided, you need to enter your Yahoo email ID if it does not appear there by itself.
  • Select the problem you are facing with your account from the options in the drop-down menu. There will be a field asking you for your alternate email ID. You need to provide another email account of yours and not the one you have with Yahoo.
  • Type the code in the CAPTCHA box and click on the 'Create Request' button to ask Yahoo to scan the account for issues.
You need to check your alternate email ID that you have provided already and this entire process can take around 24 hours.
If your query is rather simple and you don't want to wait for the complete scan of your webmail account, you can click on the 'Contact us' button of the 'Yahoo help community' button on the help screen under the mail tab.
Note: In case you see a Yahoo customer service number online, it most often would not be for technical support. It can be a way of collecting your credit card details, sensitive bank details or login information. When you are asked for such details, you should refrain from answering and disconnect the call.


Disclaimer :

We are a 3rd party email technical support service provider and are not associated with any free email platform directly or indirectly. We provide free technical help to email account users. The service from our end is free of cost.